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Symmetry underlines our whole understanding of the universe. And the deeper we look, the more symmetries we find, reflecting our world in new and beautiful ways. Symmetry is vital to understanding and predicting how our universe works. The relationship between symmetry and the mechanics of the universe is fundamental to physics. From Noether’s theorem to the new and exciting world of local symmetries being revealed by modern day physics, Tara Shears explores the physics of symmetry. By revealing nature’s parameters, symmetry gives definition to the world as we understand it. It is a fundamental principle that makes phenomena repeatable and predictable. But if symmetries are so pervasive and influential in our world, why do we see so much asymmetry and chaos? This animation was produced by Rosanna Wan, our 2016-17 animator-in-residence, supported by the Sfumato Foundation.


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At the age of 49, blind and afraid of water, Vivian Stancil dove in to save her life. Featuring: Vivian Stancil & Turner Stancil Director/Editor: Riley Hooper Producer: Caitlin Mae Burke Cinematographer: Ora DeKornfeld Underwater cinematographer: Laura DiFiglio AC/Gaffer: Nina Ham Underwater AC: Steve Fitzpatrick Sound: Cindy Takehara Hair and makeup: Betsy Marshall PA: Kaitlyn Jeffers Colorist: Noah Todd Original score: Zubin Hensler -Piano: Jake Sherman -Vocals: Sara Lucas Sound design & mix: Calvin Pia/One Thousand Birds Assistant Editor: Jonathan Johnson An Own Your Tomorrow Film Presented by Charles Schwab and Vimeo Brand Studio.

OVATION是就读于美国RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN的可倩的毕业创作。这部作品讲述了一个质疑一切的熊孩子误入一间诡异的剧场,被一个邪恶魔法师摄取了魂魄的故事。这部作品有着动人心弦的剧情设计和成熟的技术表现,和蒂姆伯顿的作品也有几分神似。佳作的诞生是和作者本人的努力以及成熟的专业教育分不开的,我们请可倩介绍了她的求学和创作过程。

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We were completely stoked when Primavera Sound commissioned us to take on one of their “My Favourite Music Memory” episodes, where artists narrate their recalls and nostalgia on their treasured music moments. Ours was the story of the brain behind Interpol, Daniel Kessler. It was a thrill having the chance to picture his story. Daniel loved it, we hope you too. Check our site for the full process: www.niceshit.tv -- Credits: Directed by Nice Shit Studio Music & Sound Design: Aimar Molero Design: Rodier Kidmann, Carmen Angelillo, Guido Lambertini Animation: Guido Lambertini, Carmen Angelillo, Rodier Kidmann, Olivia Blanc, Gabriel Fermanelli, Leo Campasso Clean Up Assistance: Macarena Ortega My Favorite Music Memory Series: Creative Direction: Alex Julia Original Idea: Joan Pons Executive Production: Igloo Films Special Thanks: Daniel Kessler


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Premiered by Oyster Magazine: http://www.oystermag.com/jesse-heath-gets-real-on-his-short-film-sola-ft-cool-thing-mimi-elashiry Shot in Tijuana, Mexico over the course of three days with a Sony A7SII - Sola is a raw, candid portrait of a “stranger in a strange land.” The film follows Mimi Elashiry’s character as she wanders the city’s streets, clubs, beaches and back alleys. Mimi is far from home, an outsider and drifter. She uses dance instead of language as a means to communicate and engage with her environment. Director: Jesse Heath Starring: Mimi Elashiry Wardrobe Stylist: Nikki Grattan Original Score Composition, Production & Mix: Alex Parish / Adolescent Editor: Nick Rondeau @Arcade Edit Colorist: Greg Reece @The Mill Re-Recording Mixer: Ben Freer @Eleven Sound Sound Designer: Alex Parish / Adolescent Sound Designer: Ben Freer @Eleven Sound Tijuana Line Producer: Federico Fernandez Guerra PA: Adin Taylor Location Sound Recordings by: Nestor Aguilar Music Assistant Engineer: Duncan Fuller Music Master Engineer: Chris Mounter Recorded at Strongroom, London
访谈 | 借光记


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**Winner of Worldfest Huston International Film Festival 2017** "Travelling Through Brush and Ink" is a stop-motion animation of a little modern man traveling through four significant ancient Chinese paintings, transforming himself into animals and plants, and becomes part of the nature. Each painting represents four important stages of landscape art in Chinese history. Based on the original paintings, we built the sets and animated little character inside- all frame by frame. The animation is the opening film of 2016 annual exhibition National Palace Museum Taiwan. **2017休士頓國際影展動畫獎得主** “筆墨行旅”故事敘述一個現代男子進入畫中世界展開旅程,在旅程中形變成動物或植物,與自然合而為一。動畫中的四個場景分別為四幅歷史上重要的中國山水畫,畫中景色被製作成真實模型場景,人物和動植物在其中全是逐格拍攝。 四幅畫分別為唐代〈明皇幸蜀圖〉、北宋〈谿山行旅圖〉、南宋〈巖關古寺〉及元代〈鵲華秋色圖〉,呈現中國山水畫講求可行、可望、可遊、可居之意境,為中國山水畫的歷代風格演變的代表。本動畫是台灣國立故宮博物院2016年度典藏展的開幕片。 製作公司:日目247Visualart 執行公司:爻域互動科技 Art Director: Pu Chen | 藝術指導:陳普 Director: Annlin Chao | 導演:趙安玲 Composer: Pi Chiu | 編曲:邱比 Film Editing: Chia-Hung Lin, Ping-Kuei Lin | 影片剪接:林珈弘,林品逵 Scene Design: Ren-Hao Cai, Jia-Jhen Syu | 場景美術設計:蔡仁豪,許家禎 Graphic Design: Chung-Yang Chen | 平面設計:陳仲揚 Special Effects: yo-cheng Zheng | 特效:詹游丞 Lighting Assist: Chang Wen Liang | 燈光輔助:梁昌文 Assistant Animation: Lu Chang, Petula Hsiao, Jamie Xuan, Cheng Leo, Hung-Xie Chia, Szu-Yu Tu, Lee Te Yi 動畫助手:張怡儒,蕭亦布,林姿萱,李宥成,謝嘉鴻,凃思羽,李得嫕 Executive producer: National Palace Museum | 執行單位:國立故宮博物院
访谈 | 蝉噪林愈静之动画教育


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A fishing expedition through the alpine lakes of the San Juan high-country. _ Presented by: Yeti Cycles yeticycles.com/feature/excursions/high-altitude-lines _ Directed by: Craig Grant & Joey Schusler Cinematography by: Joey Schusler Edited by: Craig Grant Sound Design: Keith White Additional Footage by: Thomas Woodson Story Editors: Hilary Oliver, Brendon Leonard Motion Graphics: Good Fortune Collective _ Riders: Ben Kraushaar, Sam Simmons, Justin Reiter, and Dylan Stucki _ Music: Your Love by Motels How We Do It by Royal Deluxe Landscapes by Bell Paines Glimpse by Bell Plaines Long Train Home by The Earth & Arrow _ Shot on: Red Epic w/Canon L-Series lenses, DJI Phanton 4 Pro, Sony A7s II _ #MoreThanMyth
专稿 | 这不是一篇《大圣归来》的影评


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Our ode to the number 7, celebrating our 7 wonderful years of animating at Polyester Studio. Animation and Design: Oliver Dead, Wincy Li and Jazmine Valiciks, Luis Campos, Mohamed Fadera, Jeremy Dimmock, Ariel Costa, Daniel Cordero Music and Sound Design: Aimar Molero Writing: Egin Kongoli Voice Talent: Nigel Sloan / TaDa Voiceworks
访谈 | 郑雅文和她带来的温暖“Little Favour”

很久之前听说《再见雨天》的作者郑雅文和同样毕业于传媒大学的李夏共同完成了一部简短温暖的小作品《Little Favour》,后来有幸观看到完整作品,特别有意思,他们运用六个不同的技术手段呈现了一部完整的故事。由于投奖一直没有公布,现在这部作品正式发布了,我们也对导演郑雅文进行了一次时隔三年的再度采访。

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How Katy Pyle, artistic director of the New York-based queer dance company Ballez, is turning traditional ideas of gender and ballet on their head. SUBSCRIBE NOW: Facebook: nbcnews.to/2rACLSM Instagram:nbcnews.to/2rAsQwp Twitter: nbcnews.to/2rAsWUN YouTube: nbcnews.to/2rAQzwx CALL THE FIELD PHONE: ☎️ (315) LF-FIELD VISIT OUR SITE: nbcleftfield.com __ ABOUT NBC LEFT FIELD: NBC Left Field is a new internationally-minded video troupe that makes short, creative documentaries and features specially designed for social media and set-top boxes. Our small team of cinematographers, journalists, animators and social media gurus aims to unearth stories and breathe creative life into current headlines. While pushing boundaries at home and abroad, NBC Left Field will also be serving as an experimental hub for NBC News style, treatment and audience engagement.


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