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Donald Trump has become a beloved cult figure for many Russians. Our New President uses found footage, fake news and state-controlled political programming to reveal the variety of ways Trump's newfound Russian supporters express their devotion. Directed by Maxim Pozdorovkin See more from Field of Vision here: fieldofvision.org


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Film de 1 minute, exercice 1ère année La Poudrière Réalisation : Rosalie Benevello Montage son : Nadège Feyrit Bruitage : Julien Baissat, Lucas Bellomo Prise de vue : Christian Eydoux Compositing : Mathieu Brisebras Montage image : Jeanne Fontaine Parain : José Miguel Ribeiro La Poudrière 2017

OVATION是就读于美国RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN的可倩的毕业创作。这部作品讲述了一个质疑一切的熊孩子误入一间诡异的剧场,被一个邪恶魔法师摄取了魂魄的故事。这部作品有着动人心弦的剧情设计和成熟的技术表现,和蒂姆伯顿的作品也有几分神似。佳作的诞生是和作者本人的努力以及成熟的专业教育分不开的,我们请可倩介绍了她的求学和创作过程。

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Official music video for Isaac Gracie’s “Reverie” Directed by Clara Aranovich Producer: Matt Klemera Production Company: Gas & Electric PM: Vanessa Mc Donnell Commissioner: James Hackett 1st AD: Louis Barron 2nd AD: Ali Hopper Director of Photography: Ann Evelin Lawford Focus Puller: Karl Hui 2nd AC: Michael Mcinally Art Director: Stefania Zissi Art Department Asst: Julia Beer Editor: Elena de Palma, Whitehouse Post Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll, The Mill VFX: John Bashyam, Warm’n’Fuzzy (https://www.warmnfuzzy.tv/) Opening/Ending animations courtesy of: ESA/Hubble (M. Kornmesser) Runner/Drivers: Andy Vyse, Amy Rose, Sam Barnham Label: Virgin EMI PRIMARY CAST: Girl: Ana Burgess Boy: James Gillespie Special thanks: Our extraordinary supporting cast and their parents, Tony of The Pie Shop in Bexleyheath, Browns Newsagent, Kim Barrett and Lee Robinson of Pelham Primary School, KBT Martial Arts Academy, Anita and Shakira, Najib Tarazi, Alex Hulsey, and Isaac Hagy.


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The penguin apocalypse brings forth the dawn of man. For Club Penguin (2005 - 2017) ----- Directed by Zach Jones & Ben Kitnick. Starring Finn Munsell pacificnature.bandcamp.com/album/no-thanks-ep-pnr-056 Cinematography by Saxon Richardson. Original Score by Markus Rennemann markusrennemann.weebly.com Club Music by Omeed Norouzi soundcloud.com/omeednorouzi Additional Thanks to Alexa Levine, Clayton McDougall, Matthew Powell & Dillon Vaughn.


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What used to be a proud blue-collar neighborhood in Philadelphia is now a deteriorating haven for drugs, crime, and prostitution. Kensington is famous for the place to get your fix; and for the place you end up stuck when you’ve let your vices get the best of you. For the last five years, Philly-based photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge has been taking intimate portraits of current residents (‘survivors’) in Kensington. But the stories he finds here aren't just about Philly: Jeffrey's photographs and raw interviews show a side of the desperation, hopelessness, and broken dreams that plague America's addicts across the country. Through a walk with Jeff on the Avenue, we get a glimpse of what it's like to survive on Kensington. See more stories from Kensington here: kensingtonblues.com .......... Theatrical Premiere at Filmadelphia at the Roxy, Philadelphia, 2014 Official Selection, Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival 2015 .......... Directed by : Mo Scarpelli Co-Directed by : Jeffrey Stockbridge Photography + Audio recordings by Jeffrey Stockbridge Cinematography + Editing by Mo Scarpelli Music : Scouts Meet more survivors of Kensington Avenue at kensingtonblues.com
访谈 | 借光记


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A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him. SELECTED AWARDS: Grand Prix, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival Best Live Action Short, Canadian Screen Awards Jury Prize, Locarno Film Festival Grand Prix, Curta Cinema - Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival Danzante Award - Best International Short Film, Huesca International Film Festival Special Jury Prize, Seattle International Film Festival Best Canadian Short, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival SELECTED FILM FESTIVALS: Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, AFI Fest, Iris Prize Festival Starring: Ken Harrower, Sebastian Deery & April Lee Written & Directed by: Martin Edralin Produced by: Martin Edralin, Laura Perlmutter, Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith Director of Photography: Daniel Grant Production Designer: Helen Kotsonis Editor: Bryan Atkinson Circus Zero Films & First Love Films facebook.com/holefilm
访谈 | 蝉噪林愈静之动画教育


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Smelly Socks 3.1 is, unrotunately, the one and only Smelly Socks webisode this year. Simply for two reasons: We have zero budget for this and Daniel hurt his knee. But this doesen´t mean Smelly Socks are done! We tried hard and made at least one this year. And we will try even harder to bring you more Smelly Socks edits in upcoming season, so don´t be sad and stay tunned! This particular time for 3.1, we visited Absolut park Flachauwinkl in Austria. Daniel, Antti and Martin drove with Dan´s sketchy 1998 VW Golf literally overloaded with all kinds of classic shit like bags, skis, filming equipment...But also pretty gross shit, like a mixture of candies and leftover snacks on the floor, which at some point, mixed with melted snow, became some sort of nasty „candysauce“ as we called it, while Martin was constantly complaining about Daniel driving too fast and too furious. We drove about 6 hours from Czech Republic to Flachau where we all stayed at Matthias Krallinger´s amazing house in the middle of the mountain – he even has his own miniramp in a basement, where we had nice afternoon sessions after skiing with beers and a good music. Overally we had 4 days to film the edit. But as it usually is the weather didn´t really cooperate, so we had 1 day off and stayed home. That left us 3 days to work with. Unlike the bummer day at home, those other days luckily worked out perfectly for us! We had 2 days of sun that we used in a park and even one deep powder day! Where Daniel and Antti tried to be like The Big Picture guys and hit cliffs and stuff on their centermounted park skis, doin countless tomahawks, calling it the best day at work ever pretty much after each hit. At this point we were also joined by everyones favourite Zuzička Stromkova, and she was sending the cliffs with dem boyz like there´s no tomorrow leaving Daniel and Antti speechless! Daniel dropped his first cliff ever in his life and Antti was killing it as usually on his 1.0s - for example his massive nosebudda dub 10 out off totally fucking nowhere speaks for itself. The rest of it you´ll see in the webisode. So sit comfy, blast your volume and enjoy the rock´n´roll! We would like to thank: You as an audience – without you, we wouldn´t be able to make these. Matthias Krallinger and his family for letting the smelly crew stay at his place. Berndt Egger – Absolut Park manager Martin Bernard for doin this because of his passion. The crew for amazing experience and everyone else we´ve met and skied with! Cover photo: Erik Tomasak Music: Thee Oh Sees - Contraption-Soul Desert Filming and editing: www.martinbernard.net
专稿 | 这不是一篇《大圣归来》的影评


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In September 2014, we traveled to Lebanon to capture what life is like for Syrian refugees living in the Bekaa Valley. We were hosted by the humanitarian organisation MEDAIR who has been helping newly arriving refugees primarily with establishing safe shelters since 2012. Check out to see what they are doing at: www.medair.org This film is a collections of sights and sounds from our experience in the informal settlements of the Bekaa Valley where more than 130.000 Syrian refugees are seeking safety. The government has been hesitant to allow formal refugee camps, so these families are living in makeshift shelters on rented farmland from Lebanese farmers with little to no amenities such as water and sanitation. The Bekaa Valley is situated just an hour drive West to the capitol, Beirut, and just a few kilometers away from Damascus, the Syrian capitol. We also shot some surrounding landscapes and life in Beirut to to show the visual and cultural context of the situation in Lebanon. Directed & Edited by: Vincent Urban facebook.com/vincenturbanfilms instagram.com/vincenturban Camera: Vincent Urban & Stefan Templer Shot with Canon 5D Mark III Music: Ben Lukas Boysen - "Gravity" www.adnoiseam.net If you're interested here's some description of the work featured in the film: 0:55 - Medair is working in informal tented settlements in the Bekaa Valley, plots of private farmland that refugees rent from Lebanese landowners. Medair distributes durable shelter materials to help refugee families reinforce flimsy tents and protect these tents from harsh weather conditions. 1:27 -Doctors, nurses, and technicians are paid and trained by Medair to reinforce these clinics so both vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian Refugees can access affordable health care. Community members are also trained on important nutrition and breastfeeding practices and screened for malnutrition. 1:43 - Medair conducts site improvements to mitigate flooding and improve sanitation, drainage, and hygiene in informal settlements. Small engineering works- digging ditches, laying gravel and pipes and building “soakaways” to manage kitchen and waste water, are tailored as necessary for each site.
访谈 | 郑雅文和她带来的温暖“Little Favour”

很久之前听说《再见雨天》的作者郑雅文和同样毕业于传媒大学的李夏共同完成了一部简短温暖的小作品《Little Favour》,后来有幸观看到完整作品,特别有意思,他们运用六个不同的技术手段呈现了一部完整的故事。由于投奖一直没有公布,现在这部作品正式发布了,我们也对导演郑雅文进行了一次时隔三年的再度采访。

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In April 2014, Stefan, Clemens & I went on yet another journey with our trusted Defender, this time from Istanbul, passing the Black Sea Coast, to the vastness of Eastern Anatolia, then returning over otherworldly Cappadocia and enjoying the sun at the Turquoise Coast. In Short: all over Turkey with it's beautiful landscapes and wonderful people in 4 weeks. Thanks, Turkey, for for a memorable adventure! Directed by: Vincent Urban Filmed by: Clemens Krüger & Vincent Urban Edit, Sound Design, Color: Vincent Urban facebook.com/vincenturbanfilms instagram.com/vincenturban Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III and GoPro Hero 3. Lenses: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Canon EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM Sigma 24mm F1.8 EX DG ASP Tamron SP AF 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Music: “Only The Winds” Written by Olafur Arnalds Published by Nettwerk One Music Limited Sub-Published by Fintage Publishing B.V. See the other travel clips here: In South America: vimeo.com/53673455 In Oman: vimeo.com/95308951 In Morocco: vimeo.com/73605534 In New England: vimeo.com/79436324 In New York: vimeo.com/50631254 In South-East Asia: vimeo.com/22714098


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Film Riot 517部原创   次来访
不可撤销 1部原创   次来访
___大鲸 1部原创   次来访
茶语色影 2部原创   次来访
极尔创意 10部原创   594次来访
祥妖伏魔 2部原创   次来访




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