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STARRING Hadley Winn Emmanuel Odaibo David Castro Directed by Lloyd Lee Choi Executive Producer: Kyle Hollett Producer: Kita Nahanni Loeks Cinematographer: Devin Karringten Sound Design: White Hart Post CAST Guy #1 - Paolo Gallardo Guy #2 - Brian Carroll Guy #3 - Brett Koppel Store Clerk - Tony Kim Bouncer - Andrew Miller Porn Star - Mary Green SPECIAL THANKS The New Jalisco Bar Sergio Hernandez Pete Herron Mary Green Light Organ Records Cameos by Mise en Scene Bartender: Corey Hykawy Woman at Bar: Stefanie Blondal Johnson Bar Patron #1: Jodi Dunlop Bar Patron #2: David Gagnon Listen to "Closer" on all platforms here: https://MiseenScene.lnk.to/CloserYo Pre-order 'Still Life On Fire' (out June 30th) here: https://MiseenScene.lnk.to/StillLifeO... Follow Mise en Scene online http://miseensceneband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/miseensceneband https://twitter.com/miseensceneband https://www.instagram.com/miseensceneband


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Director: Diego Berakha & Rocio Crudo Prodecer: TRONCO EP: Paula Moura DOP Andrés Aguiló 2nd Camera Unit: Michelle Gualda Producer & AD: Florencia Bardas Art Director: Diego Berakha Designers: Vicky Lamas & Joaquin Burgariotti Editor: Michelle Gualda Color correction: Alejandro Armaleo Music Supervisor: Animal Music Audio Post: Animal Music 2D Animation: Leonel Skliar Compositing Artists: Danilo Delfino Marcos Pezzani Lautaro Azcuy 2016

OVATION是就读于美国RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN的可倩的毕业创作。这部作品讲述了一个质疑一切的熊孩子误入一间诡异的剧场,被一个邪恶魔法师摄取了魂魄的故事。这部作品有着动人心弦的剧情设计和成熟的技术表现,和蒂姆伯顿的作品也有几分神似。佳作的诞生是和作者本人的努力以及成熟的专业教育分不开的,我们请可倩介绍了她的求学和创作过程。

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Sanity diminishes as the temperature rises. A film by Jamie Wolfe. CalArts, 2016 ____ 2017 Screenings: ANIMAFEST Zagreb | Zagreb, Croatia Fest Anca | Zilina, Slovakia Maryland Film Festival | Baltimore, MA Melbourne International Animation Festival | Melbourne, Australia REDCAT Experimental Animation Showcase | Los Angeles, CA Seattle Crypticon Horror Film Festival | Seattle, WA Winnipeg Underground Film Festival | Winnipeg, Canada 2016 Screenings: Animation Block Party | New York, NY ANIM'EST International Animation Festival | Bucharest, Romania Anim!Arte | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Auckland Underground Film Festival | Auckland, New Zealand Brand New Blinkers | London, England Courts mais Trash | Brussels, Belgium Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris at the Centre Pompidou | Paris, France Lausanne Underground Film Festival | Lausanne, Switzerland Pineapple Underground Film Festival | Hong Kong, China San Diego Underground Film Festival | San Diego, CA South London Shorts | London, England TAIS Animation Showcase | Toronto, Canada DESIGN, ANIMATION & SOUNDS: Jamie Wolfe PERCUSSION & MUSIC DIRECTION: Scallion Jake SAX: Marta Tiesenga SOUND MIX: Aidan Reynolds jamiewolfe.com


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We worked with Vice and UBS to create an animated infographic on the process and ethical discussions surrounding vitrification. Vitrification (freezing ones eggs) has grown in popularity over the past 5 years and arguably empowers women and couples to conceive children at a much older age. With that we also invite the viewer to think about the socio-political implications of vitrification in our modern day, ever-changing society. Music and SFX Sizzle Audio


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A 35mm music film for Fleet Foxes new song Fool's Errand from the upcoming LP Crack-Up, due 6.16.17. Director: Sean Pecknold Art Director & Production Design: Adi Goodrich Creative Direction: Sing-Sing Director of Photography: Zia Mohajerjasbi Choreographer: Steven Reker Wardrobe: Katrina Rumford Hair & Makeup: Erin Walters Executive Producer: Harry Calbom Producer: Sarah Haber Production Co.: Society Special Thanks: Cinelab and Robert Houllahan Starring: Jade-Lorna Sullivan Dancers: Dominique Afflick, Teresa "Toogie" Barcelo Rachel Carlson, Ana Coto, Sarah Dirk, Reshma Gajjar, Bailey Hall, Leann Hillegas, Alyssa Juarez, Stacy Millard, Kelly Nakaso, Madeleine "Nellie" Salisbur Wolf played by Suzie Suzie's Trainer: Sara Taylor Assistant Director: Mitchell D. Jones Gaffer / Key Grip: Michael Helenek Production Coordinator: Grant Kirkpatrick 1st AC: Bryant Lemelle Loader: Lawrence Montemayor Wardrobe Assistant: Yvonne Reddy Makeup Assistant: Mika Caviola PAs: Riley Donahue, Jake Torres, Paco Monge, Mad
访谈 | 借光记


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Unfinished business is the worst and a couple things have consistently hovered over my conscience over the past few years. The first being a bundle of beautiful footage sitting unused on a hard drive (from a scrapped music video o' mine) - the second being the way I ended a rather delightful little summer rendezvous. Both contain content recorded during completely different chapters (even cities) of my life yet for some reason, when I connected the two, all felt right in the world and I'd even argue it was almost as if they were waiting on the other to be a complete(d) piece. That piece is now viewable in the form of a short titled “Note to Self." All I will say as a disclaimer is that what it lacks in length I hope it makes up for in honesty, heart and vulnerability as it’s filled from start to finish with a good deal of mine.
访谈 | 蝉噪林愈静之动画教育


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“Raised by Krump” explores the LA-born dance movement “krumping,” and how the dance has helped the lives of some of the area’s most influential dancers. "Raised by Krump" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/raised-by-krump Starring: Christopher ”Worm” Lewis Marquisa ”Miss Prissy” Gardner Willie Chris ”Fudd” Hodge Brenden Hodge Lynnden Hodge Tight Eyez Directed, edited and graded by : Maceo Frost Produced by BWGTBLD & Made By Forest Executive Producer: Jesper Pålsson Producer: Filip Kiisk Director of Photography: Robin Asselmeyer Production Manager: Filippa Edenbro Original Music Score: Almkvist - ( https://soundcloud.com/almkvist ) Additional Music: Damon Frost and Tha Image Sound: Jorge Olivares, At The Lab Sweden Special thanks to: Steve Angello, Manny X Fernandez, Saadiya Murphy, Assata Washington, Deidra Cooper, HB Reid, Joe Brown, T-Stop Camera Rental, Bwgtbld, European Buck Sessions
专稿 | 这不是一篇《大圣归来》的影评


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Maybe it's time to remember an old friend... www.wemissyou.de CREDITS FILMACADEMY BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG presents a HANNA MARIA HEIDRICH film “WE MISS YOU” CORNELL ADAMS DANELL FORTSON director of photography JANN DÖPPERT production designer JILL SCHWARZER costume designer ANDY BESUCH editor BENJAMIN ENTRUP music by PHILIPP NOLL & AXEL HUBER sounddesign & mixing by CHRISTIAN HECK vfx supervisor SEBASTIAN NOZON vfx TONIO FREITAG screenplay by HANNA MARIA HEIDRICH & ALEX ESLAM produced by SEBASTIAN BANDEL & STEFFEN WILHELM directed by HANNA MARIA HEIDRICH AWARDS Special Jury Award - Young Director Award 2011, Cannes Best European Branded Short - Young Director Award 2011, Cannes Best European Filmschool - Young Director Award 2011, Cannes Best Filmschool Film - German Commercial Award 2011 1st Prize - Kurzundschön Film Festival 2011 Silver Award - Porsche Advertising Award 2011 Winner G-Technology Driven Creativity Competition 2011 Winner Saatchi & Saatchi - New German Directors Showcase 2011 Winner Caligari Award 2010
访谈 | 郑雅文和她带来的温暖“Little Favour”

很久之前听说《再见雨天》的作者郑雅文和同样毕业于传媒大学的李夏共同完成了一部简短温暖的小作品《Little Favour》,后来有幸观看到完整作品,特别有意思,他们运用六个不同的技术手段呈现了一部完整的故事。由于投奖一直没有公布,现在这部作品正式发布了,我们也对导演郑雅文进行了一次时隔三年的再度采访。

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作品之美 胜于言表


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