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全球创作人@美国 | Seth Boyden的奇思妙想再度降临→《Hoof It》

我们在年初采访了就读于加州艺术学院的Seth Boyden,一起欣赏了创意极佳的小作品《Abduckted》,那个时候我们感叹了作者的智慧。而在不久之后,这位Seth又带来了新作品,内容更加富有趣味和想象力!我们也再度联系到了作者,进行了一段十分简短的对话。


AT!:你好啊Seth Boyden,没想到这么快又看到了你的新作品,依然是充满了创意的小故事!说说这个段子是如何诞生的吧?










Seth往期采访 | 作者tumblr小站 | 更多访谈


AT!: Hi Seth! So happy to see your new film! It’s still creative and interesting. What’s your inspiration this time?

Seth: Thank you! I am deeply inspired by European and American folktales throughout the centuries, and I wanted to find an entertaining way to translate my own characters and places through this traditional folk style. Although the story is filed with action and comedy, I wanted to shape the world and the characters around this old-time sensibility to really make it stand out. From an aesthetic standpoint, I was deeply inspired by the early Disney films pre World War II, along with the beautiful environments and animation in Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

AT!: To large degree, the audience are attracted by the appealing imagination. Last time, you told us that you wanted to made your characters as appealing and interesting as possible. Undoubtedly, you did it. We are really curious about the process of creating these little monsters. How did you do it?

Seth: To create unique and appealing characters, I really start by drawing. I will draw a character over and over again, each time tweaking its appearance or attitude until I discover something new and exciting about him or her. Many of the creatures in Hoof It were refined for weeks and even months to make them as interesting as possible. I also research a lot of places and cultural art that corresponds with the film’s aesthetic and setting, which helps me get inspired to start drawing.

AT!: According to the end, it seems there will be a sequel. Will you do it? Or, it’s just a suspense end.

Seth: I get this question a lot! I deliberately left the film’s resolution open-ended give the feeling that these characters’ adventures continue beyond the film. That being said I do not plan to create a sequel to Hoof It anytime soon, simply because I’m ready to realize new worlds and characters for my upcoming films.

AT!: What’s the short animation to you? Will it be your career in the future?

Seth: To me, short films are an opportunity to share my ideas and values as a filmmaker to the world. Every film, no matter how simple, serves as a reflection of an artist as an individual and describes their ideals in his or her unique style. As far as the future is concerned, I just hope to continue filmmaking and story telling for as long as I humanly can.

AT!: After this film, what’s your next plan?

Seth: Currently, I’m working as a story intern for Disney this summer, and then I’ll be back to CalArts for one final year of student filmmaking!

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