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访谈 | “Swap Meet”——互换场景的集体动画游戏

Q:We know that you a very characteristic animation director, however this time your role has become the organizer. So we are most curious about what is the initiative behind this activity and how did the idea generate from.

A:I was falling asleep one night, and had the idea of trading backgrounds with someone to draw on. Then slowly the idea of the film took shape, I woke up and wrote it down in a sketch book. I asked some animators if they might be into the idea, and the response was positive. Then it just seemed like the right thing to pursue at the time, so the rules were made and we got started!

Q:Have you ever done any similar collective projects before? From individual creating to the orderly coordinating with others, how is that different from your previous experiences?

A:I’ve been involved in a few group projects before hand, but on a smaller scale and in a more intimate setting. Me and me friend Derick Wycherly have created a few films together, which lead me longing to work with many other talented animators. Also, being involved in Late Nigh Work Club’s Ghost Stories has been a huge positive incentive to be involved in the independent animation community at large. Coming up with a clear and organized production process for 14 people is not something I’ve done before Swap Meet. Fortunately it wasn’t to difficult!

Q:How do you find and invite the directors?

A:I tried to get a varied group of artists, from online friends and creators I admire. I kept in mind everyone’s larger bodies of work, and tried to imagine what some of the combinations might lead to. The main objectives were to give everyone an opportunity to approach something unusual in a fun manner, and to mix everyone up in a new blend.

Q:We understand during the process of organizing the activity, there much be all kinds of situations. Would you kindly share with us any stories of troubles, accidents or surprises?

A:The only situation was finding time, amongst everyone. This project was an unfunded experimentation, so we all had to sneak in what we could during our busy schedules. Other than that everything ran pretty smoothly, other than me accidentally misplacing files and not having the best organization skills.

Q:We love this kind of collective creating process, since you will never know what interesting final results you’re getting. Could you tell us your insights stem from this project?

A:I’ve always enjoyed playing drawing games. You can come up with any rules you want, and transform the creative process into pure play. When you simply enjoy the challenge that is presented, the outcome is unpredictable. However, there’s a general sense that whatever is created will surely have its own charm.

Q:What is your upcoming plan, any new projects starting out soon?

A:Right now I am working on a few other collaborative projects, and mainly working on a new short film for the Late Night Work Club’s second anthology. Other than that the plan is to keep trying out new things!

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