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惊奇 | Inspiration #46

经历了十分混乱的一周后惊奇总算是回归了……虽说现在的移动设备渐渐充当了观看作品的主要终端,社区平台也多余独立网站,但我们还会坚持为各位准备好一顿顿美餐。今天的内容包含了美国团队Royale以及英国大牌儿Studio AKA的商业项目作品,相信各位都很好奇,那么我们就进去一起看看吧!

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Golden Oldies | Unique Stop-Motion Dance Short Film In a typical fifties diner a gangly teenager tries to rock and roll with the prettiest girl on the dance floor, but is opposed by an importunate cool dude and a stammering jukebox. Animation studio FRAME ORDER conceives and produces animated content for every size screen. With GOLDEN OLDIES directors Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma present an ultrashort slapstick comedy in a unique style with a distinctive look and a touch of nostalgia. Produced by Frame Order, Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink Directed by Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma Written by Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma Storyboards Joost Lieuwma Story Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma, Patrick Schoenmaker, Lukas Krepel Art Director Patrick Schoenmaker Production assistent Kim van Engelen Editing Daan Velsink, Joost Lieuwma Music Paraphrase, Alexander Reumers, Jorrit Kleijnen Sound Design Bob Kommer studio, Jeroen Nadorp Guitar Angelo de Rijke Pixilation Pixilation cast Remy Evers, Anne van der Burg, Bob Aronds , Myrthe Boersma, Jilles Flinterman, Bibi van Lieshout , Luuk Ritmeester Animation Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink, Patrick Schoenmaker, Lukas Krepel, Bobby Wessels Camera en Light Daan Velsink Props runner Kim van Engelen, Patrick Schoenmaker Rigs Patrick Schoenmaker Stop motion Lukas Krepel, Bobby Wessels Green Screen set Arno de Grijs Backgrounds Patrick Schoenmaker, Vincent Bisschop Live action Live Action cast Onno van Boven, Emilie Oldenstam, Sjaak Paludanus, Henk Berkelaar, Gerda Lips, Toon van Brussel, Mieke Kuijpers Production Bos Bros, Marjolein van Haasteren, Jolande Junte Director of photography Jelle Mulder Focus puller Roeland Bentvelzen Best boy Colin Kasper Data handler Lukas Krepel Setdresser Patrick Schoenmaker Carpenter Arno de Grijs Costumes Martina Fehmer Make-up Annelies Bastemeijer Props runner Kim van Engelen Post-productie lead Arno de Grijs Post production Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink, Luc Petterson, Bobby Wessels, Elke Waanders Keying and Rotoscope Arno de Grijs, Luc Petterson, Elke Waanders, Bobby Wessels Check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/frameorder
Short Films #9 | 萝莉



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The opening sequence to the feature animated film Rock Dog. This sequence was directed by Carlos Andre Stevens and created by the talented team at Elastic.
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #45


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An homage to the great Giorgio Moroder. The film samples a piece of audio from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories where Giorgio recounts the discovery of his now infamous synthesizer sound. Direction/Design/Animation: Nicolo Bianchino Music: Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder Additional Sound Design: Ambrose Yu
停不下的Gif → 高产的亨利


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Set in the early 1950s, FISHEYE is inspired by the classic suspense thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock with an animated twist. The story is about the line between obsession and madness as an oddball writer is compelled to note down everything his neighbours do, no matter what. Written, Directed and Animated by Dane Winn Sound by Matthew Footitt Music by Andrew Cottee
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #44


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This is OPPO again :) a new Commercial for OPPO 's new released product ”R11“,In China we call mobile phone "手机”,means “hand phone”,so this time I try to play around the "phone" with "hands",and get some fun result .hope you like it ! Software :Cinema 4D ,Octane Render,AE,PR CREDITS- Client: OPPO Film by SOMEI 孙世晟 Music & Sound Design: 三十而立 Sincerely Music Hand Model is from Pixel Lab's freebies
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #43

周六来咯,11月的第一天哟,又让我惊奇赶上了,真是缘分……今天当然会继续给大家打来酷酷的好内容咯,波士顿艺术家Jake Fried,韩国首尔个性团队Sticky monster lab,墨西哥的团队BASA estudio,各式各样的作品接踵而至,各位做好准备迎接了么?我们开始看吧!

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Short Films #8 | 相遇


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We worked with Vice and UBS to create an animated infographic on the process and ethical discussions surrounding vitrification. Vitrification (freezing ones eggs) has grown in popularity over the past 5 years and arguably empowers women and couples to conceive children at a much older age. With that we also invite the viewer to think about the socio-political implications of vitrification in our modern day, ever-changing society. Music and SFX Sizzle Audio
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #42

今儿个周四,又是一个惊奇日,我们当然带来了好看的作品咯!其中包括专注于电影片头设计的Filmograph,美国独立运动图形设计师Bran Dougherty-Johnson,更有风格独特地伦敦动画人Celyn Brazier的作品,哦,也许这些名字你还是第一次听到,这没关系,我们从中汲取营养才是最重要的!

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This three-minute teaser for a full-length animated feature is based on Dutch artist Martin Lodewijk's classic comics series Agent 327. The Blender Animation Studio is currently developing the story and seeks for funding to bring this adventurous comedy animation film to an international audience. More information: http://agent327.com Entirely made in Blender, released as Creative Commons for Blender Cloud subscribers. Join http://blender.cloud today, get 10 years of film production history, tutorials, and help us making more!
停不下的Gif → 梦幻之地


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Dots, Lines, Planes and Forms set themselves in motion and get drown into their own choreographic world. Within the ecstasy of touch they engage with Jazz Tones into a play of colours and forms which results in a total explosion. Official FMX Trailer 2016 Ottawa International Animation Festival Ottawa - Prize for Best Commissioned Animation Copenhagen Jazz Film Festival - Audience Award for best short fiction film IAFF Golden Kuker Sofia -Best Super short animated film award (about 1 min) 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival - 2nd place Open Category Melbourne International Animation Festival - Audience Award Animex Awards Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art - Experimental Animation Award Festival of European Student Animation - Diploma in Advertising film or Musical clip category Karl-Miescher-Preis 2016 „Color in the short film“- Special Mention 14º AROUCA FILM FESTIVAL - Best Experimental Film Directed&Animated by // Irina Rubina Assistant Director // Christiane Goppert Producer // Ghaith Al-Adwan, Irina Rubina Music by // Emanuel Hauptmann Performed by // Blofish / www.blofish.de / Music Supervision / Mixing // Andreas Pfeiffer, Marius Kirsten Clean up // Kim Liersch 3D Animation // Jessica Tegethoff Paintings // Benedikt Hummel, Stella Raith, Kristina Kozlova Camera // Anne Bolick Dancer/Choreography // Anna Süheyla Harms 3D Technical Director // Marcel Ruegenberg (c) Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2015 Official Selections: ITFS Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart // World Festival of Animated Film Varna // International // Animation Film Festival Gdansk // Siggraph Asia // Chitrakatha International Student Animation Festival // Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival // CineMaiubit International Student Short Film Festival // Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival of Brazil // Monstra Lisboa Animation Film Festival // Cinevana Berlin // 9th Forum of Animated Films // 2016 Washington DC Independent Film Festival // ANIMAC 2016 // Snowtown Film Festival // MECAL 2016 18th International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona // MIAF // European Film Festival of Lille // The 16th Tel Aviv Animation Festival // Micro & Films Aubenas // Animation Nights New York // Animex Awards // Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art // 15ème édition du Festival International de Cinéma d’Animation de Meknès // ITFS Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart // ANIFILM 2016 // Suzdalfest // Ciné Court Animé Roanne // Sarasota Film Festival // 26th MEDIAWAVE – “ANOTHER CONNECTION” International Film and Music Gathering // Athens International Film + Video Festival 2016 // The Annecy International Animation Film Festival // Kurzfilmtage Thalmässing // VIS - Vienna Independent Shorts Filmfestival // IAFF Golden Kuker Sofia // One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau // cellu l'art Festival Jena e.V. // Dum-D International Student Animation Festival // Internationales Filmfest Emden-Norderney // Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest Roma // 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival Chestertown, Maryland // Sydney Film Festival // New Zealand International Film Festival // Ars Electronica Animation Festival // 18th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation // Insomnia, Open-Air Animation Festival // Supertoon International Animation Festival // 15th Countryside Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World // 23. OpenEyes Filmfest // FilmOneFest // KROK Festival // Filmfest Weiterstadt // Filmfestival Oberursel // SHORTS Forum Cinema Offenburg // KisaKes Film festival // 14º AROUCA FILM FESTIVAL // Animatou 2016 // Fantoche 2016 // Portsmouth International Film Festival // Big Cartoon Festival // Student International Film Festival 100 films in 100 minutes // ANIMASIVO // ArteNonStopFestival /BA2016 -Festival Internacional de Cine y Arte // Minne Mini Film Festival // Short Film Festival Diessen am Ammersee // CINANIMA 2016 // BALKANIMA 2016 // 33 Bogota Film Festival // 13. Internationalen Kurzfilmfestivals „kurz.film.spiele“ // TOFUZI 2016 // Primanima // Punto y Raya Festival/ ZKM // Manchester Animation Festival // London International Animation Festival // Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue // 16th INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL PÍSEK // re|vision European Experimental Film Festival // Flensburger Kurzfilmtage // International children's filmfestival Filem'On // Festival Locomocion - Experimental Animation Festival // KINObrunch - Jula // Les Sommets du cinéma d'animation - Festival international de Montréal // Reggio Film Festival // PiGrecoZen FilmFest // Crossing The Screen 2016 // FEDAXV // interfilm, 32. Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin // ReAnimania IAFCFY // Animateka // Festival Internacional de Cinema Universitário de Pernambuco // 2nd Animation Marathon // 33rd Tehran International Short Film Festival 2016 //
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #41


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