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惊奇 | Inspiration Time #37


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Far The Days Come A tree fell and somewhere in a cold unknown land, man discovered fire. Fire saved man and comforted him. Time passed, trees kept falling and comfortable men fired to take further comfort in unknown lands. World has come a full circle. CREDITS: Directed By : Ram Singh Music By : Letter Box Art Lead : Samar Malik Artist : Gyanendra Singh, Govind Ram, Vikas Pundir Animation :Pinky Naskar , Nishant Kumar FX : Nishant Kumar Special Thanks : Vivek Mangipudi PENCILLATI STUDIOS pencillati.com facebook.com/pencillati/
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #36


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Directed by Mehdi Alavi Produced by Pilule & Pigeon Layout and editing : Hugo Garnier Animation : Axel Digoix Render and Compositing : Clementine Choplain Rigging : Maxim Granger
Short Films #6 | 两首歌


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Directed by Masanobu Hiraoka Music & Sound design: Aimar Molero aimar-molero.com/ Voice: Marina Herlop
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #35


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Yeezys sell out nearly instantly due to backdoor-ing, bots and resellers. Sneaker resellers are somewhat of a pariah of the culture; their occupation is taboo and they largely fly under the radar. Yuanrun Zheng, better known in his circles as “23Penny” or “Z,” is the Sneaker Broker. He has a personal sneaker collection of over 500 pairs, but, for him, sneakers are just business. Z takes us on an unprecedented look into the world of resellers. (shot in part on Kodak 16mm film**) Director- Benjamin Skipworth Cinematographer: Hayden Mason Editor: Owen Jackson 1st AC: Sam Siske Original Music By: Ford Heacock Additional tracks provided by: Miyagi Sound Designer and Location Sound: Jeremiah Nave Colorist: Jimmy Cardenas Transcriptions: Sarah Hood CAST Z- Yuanrun Zheng- 23Penny.com Car Wash- Chase Tucker Girl On A Ledge- Mandy Renfroe Unbox Me- Shayla Humphreys The Ye Projector- Ethan K. Summers Sneaker Spinner- Stephanie Nicole Longo ATL Wall Tagger- Ephraim Johnson Lifestyle footage shot on Kodak 16mm film stock. Remaining footage shot on an Arri Alexa Mini. Shot on location in Atlanta, GA and Nashville, TN. What drove us to tell this story? Personifying a “villainous” reseller through Yeezy hype.
停不下的Gif → Mazeon


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The word “legend” gets tossed around rather freely these days. Nothing wrong with that. After some fifty years of unmatched technical and cultural progression—skateboarding’s cast of notables is chock full of legendary. Our cup runneth over. However, in the case of Ray Barbee, “LEGEND” should be with an uppercase “L,” in flashing lights, and in all caps. Here’s why. Film by Joe Pease Written by Mackenzie Eisenhour Narrated by Tony Hawk Archival Footage Courtesy Of Powell Peralta Vans The Firm Skateboards Jon Humphries Photos Courtesy Of Skin Phillips Spike Jonze Steve Sherman Inspired by the films: Beginners - Mike Mills A Brief History of John Baldessari - Supermarché: Henry & Rel
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #34


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Lose your mind with this warped and wonderful journey through preternatural dance moves. Director: Vector Meldrew : http://instagram.com/vectormeldrew Production Company: Dazzle Ship http://dazzleship.com/ Music: Addison Groove - https://www.facebook.com/addisongroove/ Buy the track: Vinyl: rwdfwd.com/products/addison-groove-changa/ Digital Download: addisongroove.bandcamp.com/album/changa-2
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #33


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Same features, same tricks, EVERY attempt. Watch the "Real" 90-second version here: http://xgam.es/RealStrenio Filmed by Jake Strassman for the ESPN Xgames Real Ski video competition with LJ Strenio. Additional filming by Hennie Van Jaarsveld and Brogen Reed
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #32


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Music video for Dirty Projectors, featuring D∆WN Directed by Noel Paul & Stefan Moore Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde Executive Producer: Jason Cole Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment Producer: Heika Burnison PM: Christina Jobe AD: Robert Thoren DP: Frank Mobilio 1st: Loie Russell-Templeton 2nd: Amanda Darouie Steadicam: Aaron Smith Key Grip: Josh Smith Gaffer: Mike Misslin G&E Swing: Matt Garza Styling Assistant: Madeline Rocco Stylist (Dave): Jardine Hammond Stylist (Dawn): Joey Thao Make up: Nimai Marsden Hair: Nina J PA: Adam Akopyan, Sarah Peyton, Dustin Willis, Shaun Libman Park Monitor: Salvador Andrade, Jennifer Fay Colorist: Belal Hibri @ Lucid Post Commissioner: Doug Klinger Label: Domino Records Special Thanks: Riley & Mary, Aaron & Saralyn, Birka, Dirt Empire
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #31


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He was baptized as Eduardo, but he never felt this name as his own, vagabond, paratrooper, go-getter, poetry lover, dreamer, Jean Genet-esque character... but most of all, artist: in fact, probably the last quick-change artist in the almost extinct Chinese district of Barcelona. A born survivor, he has taken hard blows from life and overcome them all, like especially the unrequited devotion of his only true love: Margarita Carmen Cansino, better known as Rita Hayworth... or Gilda. This is a tribute to an artist whom, at 90 years of age, keeps going on stage everyday to deliver his show. As his beloved poet Federico García Lorca once wrote, the sissy boys of the south sing on the rooftops: Gilda Love will carry on doing so. Selected by Nowness. https://www.nowness.com/topic/lgbt/singing-from-the-rooftops Directed / Script: Enric Ribes Produced / Script: Oriol Martínez Film editor / Music composer: Guillermo Irriguible DOP: Albert Bada Leal with Thais Català Fixer: David Cano Colorist: Lluís Velamazán Graphic designer / Film poster: Octavi Serra Sound mixer: Reclab Special thanks: Santiago Loren (guitar) Thanks: Victor Guerrero, El Desplume, Eduardo Gion, Sandra Reina, Ivi Koyck, Júlia Matheu, Nonna Serra, Jordi Mestre, Óscar Torres, Bodega Bohemia film archive, Adiós Bohemia film. Shot on 16mm expired film stock with Bolex camera. Additional formats: Super8 and Hi8. A film by Häns. 2017.
假日惊奇 | Holiday Inspirations


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