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In a dark world of greed a king chases the secrets of universe and existence. Planemah is a trippy allegory about desire, ruthlessness and failing. For more informations about the film and festival screenings visit the production blog www.planemah.blogspot.com VICE - Creators Project https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/nzp4dx/herzog-ian-animated-short-space-king-planemah Directors Note interview www.directorsnotes.com/2017/01/30/jakob-schmidt-planemah/
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A super/natural journey through the depths of a mountain wondrously designed to facilitate the Ilohas process of water purification. See full project here: mvsm.com/project/ilohas — CREDITS Client: Ogilvy & Mather (Japan) Direction, Design & Animation: ManvsMachine Music: Bo En Sound Design & Mix: Echolab VFX / post production: nineteentwenty
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #88


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Noah Harris and Andy Biddle take us on a voyage through time, exploring the virtues and vices of mankind in this mesmerising series for record label, Village Green. This surreal sequence of interconnecting films tells the epic story of evolution playfully through the detritus of mankind. The birth of a planet in ELEMENT, the growth of the human race in SENTIENCE, and its descent towards the inevitable in OBLIVION, are all created from a multitude of found objects salvaged from car-boot sales and flea markets around london. Animated entirely in camera, the films are a showcase of Noah’s unwavering attention to detail and love of physical objects. Premiering as part of Channel 4’s Random Acts, the Salvation series is a collaboration between Blinkink & Village Green and showcases highlights from the label’s 2017 catalogue. Production Company: Blinkink Directors: Noah Harris & Andy Biddle Executive Producer: Bart Yates Producer: Hugo Donkin Production Assistant: Alli Albion Director of Photography: Toby Howell Lead Animator: Andy Biddle Rigger: Craig Atkinson Additional Animator & Model Maker: Luke George Gaffer: Aldo Camilleri Gaffer/Motion Control: Max Halstead Spark: William Kay Art Director: Noah Harris & Robin Crowley Set Builder & Model Maker: Will Vincent Art Dept. Assistant: Jack Needell Art Dept. Runner: Adam Williams Art Dept. Runner: Ruby Smith Art Dept. Runner: Ella Keogan-Harris Runner: Emilie Forey Runner: Alice Lindley Editor: Max Windows @ Stitch Post Production: Nineteen Twenty VFX Supervisor: Ludo Fealy VFX Artists: Adam McHale, Rob Lilley, Graeme Eglin, Adrian Monroy Diaz, Chris King, Joe Lawrenson. Data Management: Kurt Bailey Grade: Duncan Russell @ Freefolk Sound: Tony Rappaccioli @ Wave Studios Featured music 1 - Snow Palms ‘Rite’ 2 - Thomas William Hill ‘Tyranny Of The Frame’ 3 - Angele David Guillou ‘V For Visconti’ 4 - John Matthias & Jay Auborn ‘Every Word A Mask’ 5 - Soft Error ‘Bad Habits’ 6 - Jim Copperthwaite ‘The History Of Cubes’ 7- Ben Chatwin ‘Helix’ 8 - Matt Dunkley ‘Cycle 7’ With thanks to... Harry Barber, Sam Davis, Rebecca Boswell, Charles Gillett, Scott Griffin, Angela Hart.
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #87


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"Extinguished" by Ashley Anderson and Jacob Mann In a world where flames represent love, it's easy to get your heart burned. Created at Ringling College of Art and Design https://www.facebook.com/ExtinguishedMovie/ Jacob Mann - jacobmannart.com - jmann@c.ringling.edu Ashley Anderson - ashleyanderson.squarespace.com - aanderso@c.ringling.edu
访谈 | 耿雪·海公子


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Film by Anna Prado!!! senior thesis at RCAD, 2017 Allisk8r is a 3d animated film that highlights snappy, flat cartoon animation style, fast action, and colorful throwback design In prehistoric times, a little alligator with a big attitude gets his kicks skateboarding and being a cool dude. But will Allisk8r be able to catch a break once the dino-law gets on his case?? story, modeling, rigging, animation, editing, lighting, comp, all done by me! my art tumblr: http://beethozen.tumblr.com/ Music commissioned from Christian M Krogsvold AKA Waterflame, who did an amazing job! Website: http://www.waterflamemusic.com/ youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/waterflame89 Title on the board commissioned from my friend Kylee Solari, also amazing! behance: https://www.behance.net/KyleeKayport vimeo: https://vimeo.com/kyleekayport Thanks for watching! © Anna Prado, 2017
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #86


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Gummy Gas Crisis tells the story of a space gasman, Ed, who must overcome various obstacles in order to save his hometown. In this adventure, the mayor of the city asks Ed to fix a gas leak caused by an enemy. The enemy, a virus called Lord Gasideous, wants to dominate everyone by spreading his gas all over the city. Will he be able to save them all? DIRECTED BY Rodrigo Díaz ART DIRECTION Andrés De Mula SCRIPT Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula CHARACTER DESIGN Rodrigo Díaz BACKGROUND DESIGN Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula 3D ANIMATION Rodrigo Díaz Terry Chocolaad RIGGING Terry Chocolaad Andrés De Mula 3D MODELING Tim Mc Clane Andrés De Mula Mario Mendoza 2D ANIMATION Memé Candia GRAPHIC DESIGN Andrés De Mula COMPOSITING Rodrigo Díaz Andrés De Mula ORIGINAL MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN Andrés Grosso Carlos Del Río Swingstudio.audio ENGLISH SUBTITLES Leticia López BLIRP.TV 2017
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #85


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A surreal journey through the dream of video game character who has been K.O. during a match.


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惊奇 | Inspiration Time #84


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Our final year film made by our small team of three at Bournemouth University. FX: Houdini Maya Render: VRay
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