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惊奇 | Inspiration Time #74


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'Sweet Water' is a short film about some of the surfing that happens on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes. Music by_ Ultimate Spinach www.lifeofleisure.org Additional footage from Tania Dupon-Martinez and Jordan Groves
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #73


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When it was released in 2013, Gravity was that rare case of a movie that was (generally) well received by public, critics and film scholars alike. Critics even wielded lofty terms such as "avant-garde" and famous film scholars described it as an "experimental film". High and nearly unanimous praise indeed. But Gravity is also a movie of contradictions. It features state-of-the-art special effects that push the boundaries of film technology. Yet this high tech extravaganza also evokes early cinematic technology and experience. It is a film that focuses on bodily experience, taking us on a breathless ride with the (heavily breathing) Sandra Bullock. Yet in other ways this film denounces the human body and its autonomy. Several years have passed since Gravity blasted off in cinemas, so maybe this is a good time to take another look at the movie and at what makes it remarkable. What is its importance in film (and even art) history? Did it herald a new way of filmmaking or did it harken back to earlier episodes of this art form? Those are the questions this video essay tries to address, along the way connecting Cuarón's movie to abstract expressionist painting and computer chess. Please visit www.filmscalpel.com for detailed credits. This video was made solely for educational purposes and makes "fair use" of copyrighted material. Fair use is codified at Section 107 of the Copyright Act: Under the fair use doctrine, it is not an infringement to use the copyrighted works of another in some circumstances, such as for commentary, criticism, news reporting, or educational use.
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #72

周四又到了,又是惊奇时间,尽管网站看的人不多了,但依然有忠实观众在这里等着欣赏这些来自全球的精选内容……有时候会很好奇,这些内容究竟让大家有了哪些收获呢,很想知道这个潜移默化的影响到底是什么样子的……这一期包含了优质团队Golden Wolf与奇葩导演David Wilson的作品,我们一起来欣赏下吧!

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The latest documentary by Ivan Olita is a piece documenting the far reaches of the southern state of Oaxaca where, in the indigenous communities around the town of Juchitán, the world is not divided simply into males and females. The local Zapotec people have made room for a third category, which they call “muxes” - men who consider themselves women and live in a socially sanctioned limbo between the two genders. Exclusively premiered on NOWNESS: nowness.com/series/define-gender/mexico-muxes-ivan-olita Featured on SHORT OF THE WEEK: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/2017/01/03/muxes/
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #71


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"Sonámbulo / The Sleepwalker" is this week's Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere. Read a Q&A with director Theodore Ushev here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/staff-pick-premiere-the-sleepwalker A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights. A film by Theodore Ushev Music by Kottarashky Production: Les Productions Unité centrale / 9311-8990 Quebec Inc., Canada, 2015 Distribution: Bonobostudio (International), La Distributrice de films (Canada) AWARDS Special Jury Award, Animafest Zagreb 2015 Special Mention, Fest Anca 2015 Best Music Award, Animator Poznan 2015 Canadian Film Institute Honorable Mention for Best Canadian Animation, Ottawa International Animation Festival 2015 Special Mention, Multivision International Festival of Animated Arts 2015 Alva Costa Award for Best Short Film up to 5 Minutes, Cinanima Espinho 2015 Honorary Distinction, Etiuda & Anima International Film Festival 2015 Special Mention, Longue vue sur le court 2015 Special Mention, Sommets du cinema d'animation 2015 Best Short Animated Film Award, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2016 Special Prize, Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2016 MORE THAN 100 FESTIVAL SELECTIONS, INCLUDING: Holland Animation Film Festival Annecy International Animation Festival Animafest Zagreb Ottawa International Animation Festival Toronto International Film Festival DOK Leipzig Edinburgh International Film Festival Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Curtas Vila do Conde IndieLisboa Cinanima Espinho Anima Mundi Guanajuato International Film Festival Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Vienna Independent Shorts Melbourne International Animation Festival ANIMATOR Poznan Animatou Geneva Anim'est Bucharest Sapporo International Short Film Festival Uppsala International Short Film Festival Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal London International Animation Festival Animateka Ljubljana Anima Brussels Ann Arbor Film Festival Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film Hiroshima International Animation Festival More about the film: http://bonobostudio.hr/en/film/distribution/sonambulo
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #70


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"Reflections" is a 2D-animated film composed of approximately 1,100 individual drawings. __ What do our memories become? They are alive inside, even when the reality is dead. The fleeting quality of love forces a girl to question if her relationship ever truly existed, or if it was all in her head. –– Directed, Animated, & Edited MORGAN GRUER http://morgangruer.com Music PEDR https://www.facebook.com/psymonspineband/ COLLEEN SCHIKOWSKI http://colleenschikowski.com Girl KIMI SADANAGA Boy ADAM HEISIG Dancer JENNY YOO Special Thanks KELLY DENATO © 2016 Morgan Gruer Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY 11205
访谈 | 杜肉海 · Way Out 出口


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Story of a fifteen year old boy, who wants to overcome his acrophobia by making first parachute jump. Director's cut. Directed by Philipp Yuyryev Dop: Mikhail Khursevich Creative producer: Ilya Povolozkiy Executive producer: Pavel Sarychev Sound: Nikita Gankin Assistant director: Anton Zverev Color: Artem Leonov Cast: Boy: Vlad Martynov Coach: Vladimir Matrunich Production: Blackchamber 2016



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Atlantic writer Vann R. Newkirk is about to be a father, and he’s nervous. America’s history of racial violence is something that every citizen inherits, but the consequences for black Americans remain acute. “One day I’m gonna look that boy in the eye and have to explain the same thing my father did to me, and his grandfather to him: This is who we are,” he says in this film. “This is the same America that killed Emmett Till, and the same place that gave us Jim Crow.” Now, it’s the country that elected Donald Trump to the presidency. In this animation, Newkirk reflects on his own childhood in the South and the lesson’s he’ll try to impart to his son. This has been adapted from Newkirk’s Atlantic essay, “This Is Who We Are.”
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #69

各位周四好,惊奇时间又到了,我们又带来了一些美妙的作品给大家,其中还包括两部MV哟,喜欢音乐的你可就不要错过咯……当然如果小编来推荐的话,Greg Barth的那部作品是我的最爱,一点点技术一点点根据现实的联想,很好玩儿的将周围的事物与音乐相结合,是个能给人不少启发的小作品,各位可以特别关注一下哟。

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Song by Tony Anderson: “The Way Home" (Licensed through The Music Bed: https://www.musicbed.com/) Follow me: http://www.mikeolbinski.com / http://www.twitter.com/mikeolbinski / http://www.facebook.com/mikeolbinskiphotography / http://www.instagram.com/mikeolbinski For quite a few years now I've been wanting to do something different with my time-lapse films. I love color. Storms are full of color. The blues, the greens, the warm oranges and reds at sunset. The colors are sometimes what make a simple storm into something extra special. But black and white speaks to my soul. I love it. There is something when you remove the color that lets you truly see the textures, movement and emotion of a storm. And then you hear a song. I had asked my buddy Jay Worsley (https://vimeo.com/jayworsley) if he had heard anything lately that might rock for a black and white storm film, and he linked me to Tony Anderson's "The Way Home." The moment I heard it, I knew that was the song. My recent films have a frantic pace to them and people occasionally tell me they'd love to see the footage in a much slower speed. I already knew that going with the monochrome style sorta demanded something more solemn and poetic...and the song was perfect for that. I also went with a much wider aspect ratio than I've ever done before. I feel like it actually feels like it brings you in closer to the action, almost like you were standing right there with me. I held myself back for a long time in doing this project because I wasn't very knowledgable about using tools like Premiere Pro to color grade footage, and all I thought was that I'd have to re-render all my clips as black and white before doing the film. And that's a lot of work. But the past few years have brought me tons of experience in Premiere Pro, plus help from my buddy Jay, and I figured out how to do it all there and without a ton of effort. The film is made up of some of my favorite clips from the past few years. A mix of the monsoon and supercell plains chasing. I'm so inspired by the songs I choose for these videos. Kerry Muzzey, Tony Anderson. Their songs are so powerful and moving and the stories they tell themselves are amazing. I went with clips that felt right with each beat of the song and while I usually try to tell a story with these films, I mostly decided to let the music be that here. Thanks to Tony Anderson for such an incredible piece of music, and to Jay for pointing it out to me. And also to my friend and fellow time-lapser, Brian Miner (see him on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/bdmphoto), who did some B&W work this past fall and reminded me of what I've wanted to do for so long now. I hope you enjoy this! The creative juices were flowing and I also have some serious withdrawals from chasing storms. I HAD to work on something to hold me over until spring gets here. Only around four months to go before I hit the road to chase supercells and tornadoes in April, May and June! I have a couple of tornado chasing tours going this spring, if you are interested in checking those out, here you go: http://www.mikeolbinski.com/plains-chase/ ------- Captured with a Canon 5DSR, 5D3, 11-24mm, 16-35, 35mm, 50mm and 135mm. Processed using Lightroom, LR Timelapse, After Effects and Premiere Pro
停不下的Gif→Ross Phillips

就如我们之前所说,很多动画人不仅限于视频类作品的创作,也会抽空、随手来些小Gif,这样的作品小巧便于传播,便于传播就会引发更多的互动,这样一来便形成了一个良性循环。当然,是否能传播出去还是看作品的水准,好看生动是第一位,我想今天这位主角Ross Phillips就符合这个要求,我们一起来欣赏一下!

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WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Joseph Bennett Charles Huettner EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Matt Harrigan Dave Newberg ANIMATION Joseph Bennett Charles Huettner Caleb Wood Nelson Boles Jonathan Djob Nkondo Sean Buckelew BACKGROUND ART Charles Huettner Joseph Bennett SOUND DESIGN Mike Jansson MUSIC Joe Wong Didier Leplae
全球创作人@中国 | 吴晋超讲述那些光儿


光影涂鸦(Light painting),也被称为光绘画、光涂鸦和光电涂鸦,不管如何称呼它,都与光脱不了关系。是一种在较为黑暗的环境下移动光源并用相机产生光成图效果的摄影技术,依靠光线移动制造出妙不可言的画面。








好吧,我承认,我不淡定了。这样美好的光绘视频,任谁也都会被吸引住吧。然而不得不说我们的运气实在太好。竟然有幸通过德国电影博物馆馆长Rolf Giesen先生联络上了《talktalk》的制作团队!!!虽然语言上有很大的障碍,也勉强表达出了自己的意愿···总之,这来之不易的交流机会且聊且珍惜吧···他们向我们说明了一些在制作影片时的情况,也解答了我们对视频中部分镜头制作的疑惑。态度温和友善,但是带给我的感觉,并不是光影涂鸦的制作有多么的高大上。而是,有钱,任性···实现一个镜头三百六十度立体的展示,他们可是用了几十台摄像机啊!!!更别说那些专业用于光绘的设备和软件了。望尘莫及的同时,也打击了我们小小的自信心。



















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