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惊奇 | Inspiration Time #48

今儿个是周六,要是你没打算出门儿,开机看看AT!的惊奇内容也算是不错的选择。我们今天带来的内容包含了Giant Ant以及Hornet这样的优秀团队,风格各不相同,但绝对可以帮你扩大脑洞直径!好啦,今儿个不说太多,我们看作品去!

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A young man’s encounter with a motorcycle-riding caretaker launches him on a hallucinatory, spiritual journey through the backlands of America. Winner - Grand Jury Prize, 2016 Nashville Film Festival Written, Produced, and Directed by HUGHES WILLIAM THOMPSON / www.hugheswilliamthompson.com Starring KEVIN WAYNE, CALVIN BROWN, HAYLEY LOVITT, and LOUIE MOSS Produced by CAMERON BOLING, DAVID SWINBURNE, and NATE HURTSELLERS Casting by JEN INGULLI, CSA Cinematography by NATE HURTSELLERS Edited by EMA RYAN YAMAZAKI Production Design by AIMEE HOLMBERG Costume Design by KAREN FREED Audio Post Production by ONE THOUSAND BIRDS Visual Effects by AFTERPARTY VFX
Short Films #10 | 翻页动画


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Six characters meet in a public bath house: the pedant bath house manager, a couple with a strange way of communicating and a gang with shady intentions. Something goes wrong. "Staff Pick Premiere: when animals stop being polite, and start getting real": Read our Q&A with filmmaker Niki Lindroth von Bahr on the Vimeo Blog: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/staff-pick-premiere-when-animals-stop-being-nice-a
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #47


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*Recommended: dark viewing environment / 4K or HD resolution / quality sound ReflectionVOID A short film by Lance Page Original music by Lorn After dusk in the high desert, as the sky quickly darkens, a lone hiker stumbles across a window into another world. As the man approaches the portal, he is met with his own reflection and we suddenly sink into the ReflectionVOID. In the VOID, scattered portals reflect star patterns against deep black skies. The stars sing to us, but the relentless nature of the high desert reminds us of our mortality. The razor sharp cactus blades and the cold jagged rock formations threaten our fragile bodies. The portals allow us a deeper perspective, they show us the Universe as we reach into our souls for cosmic significance. As we sink deeper into the unknown, we’re met with a tall human-like figure, a mysterious desert dweller with a purpose and a message. Watch our behind the scenes documentary for more: There Will Be Portals: Making of ReflectionVOID https://vimeo.com/pagefilms/void1bts A Page Films / Cinematic Syndicate Production Produced by Lance Page and Jesse Andrew Clark www.pagefilms.com www.cinematicsyndicate.com Original Music by Lorn https://lorn.bandcamp.com/ Gear and production support: eMotimo http://emotimo.com Vizual Jockey http://www.vizualjockey.com Refraction Film Company San Diego https://www.refractionfilm.com Alpine Labs https://alpinelaboratories.com


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A trip through 3D scans of Zurich with music of Niki Reiser. On behalf of the Zurich Film Foundation for the Zurich Film Award, Cadrage. The work has been shown as a 360° projection. www.dirkkoy.com Screenings: – Zurich Film Award: Cadrage – Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT, re|vision 2016 – Supernova Denver 2016 – Fantoche 2016 – Gässlifilmfestival Basel 2016
访谈 | 《美少女战士》重置版:如何组织250位动画人联手制作(转载)

所谓经典,一般来说是会被一代甚至几代人所喜爱的事物,它注定会被传播、传唱,我们所熟悉的开播于1992年的日本电视动画《美少女战士》就位列其中。随着日版《美少女战士》的重置播出,来自全球的粉丝们也对《美少女战士》也进行了爱的追忆,他们制作了一部名为《Moon Animate Make-Up!》的集体动画片,并且获得了120万的播放率!

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/flashing.lights joshuacharow@gmail.com Over the past few years I've struggled to stay motivated around this time of the year. By March we've had nearly six months of cold and it's easy to fall into a slump. The weather recently has been the craziest I've ever seen it in New York City between the low fog, snowstorms, and erratic temperature changes. I wanted to make this video to reflect how I've been feeling lately and all I can say is that I can't wait for spring to finally roll in.
惊奇 | Inspiration #46

经历了十分混乱的一周后惊奇总算是回归了……虽说现在的移动设备渐渐充当了观看作品的主要终端,社区平台也多余独立网站,但我们还会坚持为各位准备好一顿顿美餐。今天的内容包含了美国团队Royale以及英国大牌儿Studio AKA的商业项目作品,相信各位都很好奇,那么我们就进去一起看看吧!

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The video is composed of +6000 images hand-drawn one by one, than elaborated with glitch and mixed techniques. It's a project about the constrictive role of women in our society, constantly confined to roles and constantly forced to prove their strenght. At the same time, it wants to portray the inner force of female body and emotionality, through an emotional tension that becomes physical. For a more specific explanation, you can read my interview for Directors Notes: http://directorsnotes.com/2017/03/02/martino-prendini-an-exit/ And the page of the project: http://martinoprendini.com/portfolio/an-exit Song: An Exit - Holly Herndon Some of the movements of this video are based on Iyar Elezra, Nitzan Ressler, Zina Zinchenko, Maayan Sheinfeld, Adi Zlatin, Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Xanthe van Opstal, Fanny Sage, Simone Schmidt, Stephanie Troyak, Olga Sokolova, Eila Valls, Juliette Scalabre-Buffard, Carmen Perfetto, Mirta Boschetti. WARNING: The following video contains scenes with flashing lights so it could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.
Short Films #9 | 萝莉



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www.soundcloud.com/JIL-NYC Director: Anton Tammi / www.antontammi.com Featuring: Sara Cummings & Zoë Bleu DP: Erik Henriksson 1st AC: Robert Agulo 2nd AC: Luna Cruor Production Designer: Rosie Turnbull Art Director: Rachel Zabala Set Decorators: Madeline Pflug & Mary Kerrigan Makeup: Yuui Vision Style: Lisa Jarvis & talent's own Editing / Post: Tim Montana & Matt Nee Sound Design: Matti Ahopelto & JIL 3D: Morumotto Colorist: Duncan Russell, Free Folk Producers: Andre Bojanic, Mac Petrycki, Emily Rudge Executive Producer: Martin Howell Thank you: Ida Gündoğdu, Aleksi Tammi, Bruce Smear, Pekko, BRTHR, Elisa Richardson, Fernando Souza Ramos, Casey Drogin, Waltteri Vanhanen, Jenna Lehmussaari, Janne Vartia, Cheryl Payne, Gregory Hayes, Chemistry Creative, Doug Durant, Justin Derry, Jordan Hemingway, Denise Cheng, Naftali Beane Rutter, Ece Şahin, Jaana Anttila, Pekka Tammi, Joel Jägerroos, Richard Conway & Bibi Andersson "I still think about you all the time."
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #45


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a short film about aggression and escalation. Festivals: Stockholm Animation and Experimental Film Festival, Sweden. Best Animated Film ASIFA East Animation Festival, NYC. 1st Prize, Independent Animation Black Maria Film Festival. Jury's Citation Award Ottawa International Animation Festival Florida Film Festival New Orleans Film Festival Sommets du cinéma d'animation. La Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montreal. Woodstock Film Festival Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival Bushwick Film Festival. Runner up for Best Short Film Fest Anča, Slovakia Animated Dreams, Estonia Animation Block Party, BAM, Brooklyn San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival, Spain Stuttgart Trickfilm International Animated Film Festival, Germany Festival Córtex, Portugal Big Water Film Festival, Wisconsin St. Louis International Film Festival Coney Island Film Festival Monmouth Film Festival Animated and Directed by Morgan Miller Sound Mixing and Post Production by One Thousand Birds Studio
停不下的Gif → 高产的亨利


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SURRENDER tells the retrospective story of Milton’s journey in search of peace, one that reveals an essential truth: the experience of losing control offers unexpected and beautiful surprises. Featuring "Milton Schorr". Director — Porteus Xandau Executive Producer — Herman Le Roux Producer — Marchant Bellingan Cinematographer — Warren James Smart Camera Assistant — John Carr Editing and Colouring — Richard Starkey Music and Sound Design — Pressure Cookers Studio, Cape Town Online — Post, Cape Town Art Direction — Ivan Fraser Wardrobe — Sumaya Parker
惊奇 | Inspiration Time #44


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