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OVATION是就读于美国RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN的可倩的毕业创作。这部作品讲述了一个质疑一切的熊孩子误入一间诡异的剧场,被一个邪恶魔法师摄取了魂魄的故事。这部作品有着动人心弦的剧情设计和成熟的技术表现,和蒂姆伯顿的作品也有几分神似。佳作的诞生是和作者本人的努力以及成熟的专业教育分不开的,我们请可倩介绍了她的求学和创作过程。

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Stop-Motion Animated music video for Explosions in the Sky. Everything was shot in camera using paper, projections and translucent materials like plastic and glass. The band's brief was to create something inspired by "wilderness of the mind." I thought of the beautiful chaos that is in the mind space and how that space has a multitude of transitions, whether it’s a transition from life to death or going from unknowing to knowing. Watch Making of here: https://vimeo.com/210437073 Directed by Hayley Morris: http://www.shapeandshadow.com Glass Blowers-Cindy Del Rio & Arden Wren Sawyer Fabrication-Hayley Morris & Randy Bretzin Record Label: Constant Artists Off the new album The Wilderness Order The Wilderness http://smarturl.it/EITSStore Follow Explosions In the Sky Facebook: http://smarturl.it/EITSFacebook Instagram: http://smarturl.it/EITSInstagram SoundCloud: http://smarturl.it/EITSSoundCloud Twitter: http://smarturl.it/EITSTwitter Website: http://www.explosionsinthesky.com Explosions In the Sky Apparel Webstore - http://smarturl.it/EITSStore Tour Dates http://smarturl.it/EITSTour
访谈 | 借光记


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Here is my fourth and final film at CalArts! Credits: Director: Aram Sarkisian Cast: Winston - Matt Kelly Story by: Aram Sarkisian Written by: Gabby Capili, Aram Sarkisian Writing Consultant: Caleb Roitz Composer: Jacob Shrum Music Sampling Engineer: Drew Denton Sound Design: Ben Huff Make sure to check out other films made by my classmates! https://vimeo.com/channels/calartscharanimfilms2017
访谈 | 蝉噪林愈静之动画教育


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The Midnight Service is a scripted true-crime series about the unknown across America. This is the pilot episode, which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. If you have any information about the disappearance of Quincy Lamon call 518.303.2380 Keep searchin'
全球创作人@中国 | 榕可道的奇想世界


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I was introduced to Jordan, the effervescent subject of this Op-Doc, by a mutual friend; we met for lunch at his favorite deli in Los Angeles, where we live. That day, we waded through a getting-to-know-you conversation that somehow felt both more awkward and less awkward than most of its kind. Jordan has Asperger’s syndrome, and so he often gets pulled into his own world, one that can seem chaotic and isolated from ours. But he has learned to make deliberate choices to stay present in reality. I found myself pleasantly surprised by the quick-witted middle-aged man having lunch across from me. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies, and a strikingly clever sense of humor. So I was intrigued. The lunch became the first of many meetings we shared over the course of many months, before we started filming this Op-Doc more than a year later. Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, which is often considered a high-functioning form of autism, can manifest through a wide spectrum of symptoms; the severity and range of consequences vary depending on the individual. Sometimes these symptoms are barely noticeable, but on the other hand, around 40 percent of autistic children do not speak. (Symptoms often lessen by adulthood.) In Jordan’s case, he lives independently, holds a job, and manages his own personal finances. He has a relationship with a woman named Toni who has multiple disabilities herself. But more importantly, he is self-aware, self-accepting, caring, with a strong ability to analyze and speak about his condition with others. He understands how he is different, and he has created a coping mechanism for himself that enables him to function in society and pursue his interests in the arts as an escape when it all becomes too much for him. It is these qualities that I wanted to emphasize in this film. I wanted Jordan himself to tell us his story instead of it being formulated out of impressions from the perspective of an outsider. A strong self-advocate, Jordan argues that he is not a disabled person, but merely a person with a disability. Someone from whom those he calls “normal people” could learn. Besides, he will argue, “everybody is not completely normal” anyway. So much more research and support is needed to enable people with autism. There are no limits to what beautiful minds like Jordan’s can help us make of this world. Official Selection SXSW Film Festival 2017. Official Selection Camerimage Film Festival 2016. Official Selection Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017. Official Selection Cinequest International Film & VR Festival 2017. (Winner Best Short Documentary) Official Selection Oxford International Film Festival 2017. Official Selection Raw Film Festival 2017. Official Selection Athens Film + Video Festival 2017. Official Selection Newport Beach Film Festival 2017.
毕业季2014@西安工程大学 | 鹿与烟花


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作品之美 胜于言表
毕业季2014@西美 | 危鸡


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About the Work From the lights of skyscrapers and homes, to the neon street lights and headlamps of cars and trains in motion… fragments of the city float like stardust out of the darkness against the curtain of the night sky. This new vision of Tokyo is explored with omnidirectional motion graphics. This work was born from ‘Beyond Motion Graphics’ ( http://wowlab.net/research/beyond-motiongraphics ) an internal company project at WOW aimed at exploring new possibilities for motion graphics. In using VR technology, consideration was given as to what kind of images to showcase and express as pieces of art. 作品について 夜のとばりに包まれた高層ビルの光、街頭のネオン、電車や道行く車のヘッドライトから家々が湛える暮らしの灯りまで、暗闇から現れる星屑のような街の断片を浮遊しながら、東京という都市の新たなビジョンへと至る、全天球型のモーショングラフィックス。 本作は、モーショングラフィックスの新たな可能性を問うWOWの社内プロジェクト「Beyond Motion Graphics」( http://wowlab.net/research/beyond-motiongraphics )から誕生。VRの技術的側面に加え、それによって切り拓かれるべき映像=アートとしての表現性に注目した。 Staff Art Director / Designer:Nakazi Takuma, Moriwaki Daisuke, Kudo Kaoru Designer:Miyajima Tsutomu, Kojima Kazunori, Makino Shigeru, Sasaki Takuma, Kitabatake Ryo, Takagishi Hiroshi, Tanaka Kenji, Horai Misaki
毕业季2014@央美 | 我的城池


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毕业季2014@国美 | 长生殿


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First year film in CalArts Director / Crystal Kung Composer & Sound Designer / Connor Spiotto Voice Actress / Erin McDermott
毕业季2014@广外 | P小姐

谭和平学的是视觉传达设计,却在毕业设计时做了一部动画。这部作品并不是讲故事的,它是作者自我审视和探索的旅程:“我们生活在物质丰富的时代,但同时我们也失去了更多的自由与自立能力。我作为其中的一员, 也在创作的过程中回顾自己的成长,反思过去,并更加强烈地去争取自由与独立。”毕业创作可以带来这样的收获,善莫大焉。

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Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real? Host and Creator - Simon Cade Assistant Editor - Jamie McKernan Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off: http://dslrguide.tv/filmconvert (I earn a commission from purchases ^^) WEBSITE: http://dslrguide.tv TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/dslrguidance INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cadevisuals CONTACT: simon@dslrguide.tv
毕业季2014@吉林动画学院 | 游往星空的鱼


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Film Riot 516部原创   次来访
___大鲸 1部原创   次来访
茶语色影 2部原创   次来访
极尔创意 10部原创   594次来访
祥妖伏魔 2部原创   次来访
墨穷游叟 1部原创   次来访




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