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毕业季2014@广外 | P小姐

谭和平学的是视觉传达设计,却在毕业设计时做了一部动画。这部作品并不是讲故事的,它是作者自我审视和探索的旅程:“我们生活在物质丰富的时代,但同时我们也失去了更多的自由与自立能力。我作为其中的一员, 也在创作的过程中回顾自己的成长,反思过去,并更加强烈地去争取自由与独立。”毕业创作可以带来这样的收获,善莫大焉。

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The official music video I created for Moby and The Void Pacific Choir, 'Are You Lost In The World Like Me?' Created in After Effects, Manga Studio, and some good ol' fashioned ink on paper for good measure. Link to the video on Moby's official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mobymusic/videos/10154690698776108/ https://www.facebook.com/SteveCuttsArt/ www.stevecutts.com
毕业季2014@江大 | 人面树


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A sci-fi short about augmented reality. "Strange Beasts" is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go? Written, directed and produced by Magali Barbé. Co-produced by: Red Knuckles, Peanut. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5638002/ CAST & CREW staring: Timothy RENOUF and Poppy POLIVNICK music and sound design: Pierre VEDOVATO director of photography: Anthony GUIRY first assistant: Amélie GUYOT second assistant: Vincent AUPETIT sound recordist: Michael CHUBB makeup and hair: Bridget CROTTY and Rachael THOMAS runner: Tyrone PAUL VFX supervisor: Peregrine McCAFFERTY creatures artist: Dean FRATER creatures designer: Jonathan Djob NKONDO rigger: Maickel PASTA animators: Joffrey ZEITOUNI and Philippe MOINE rendering and compositing: Mario UCCI and Rick THIELE at Red Knuckles tracking: PEANUT color artist: Lewis CROSSFIELD at Electric Theatre Collective extra creatures: Andriy HRMALYUK and Ramtin AHMAD special thanks: Fabrice LE NEZET, Ardith BIRCHALL, Cressida POLIVNINCK, Marc POLIVNICK, Mary HESKEL, Elvis BAPTISTE.
毕业季2014@中传 | 重大的抉择之坚挺的青春


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We're excited to launch a ground-breaking campaign for domestic violence charity Refuge with award winning directors Le Cube and BBH London. The film, co-funded by all parties, takes form as the official music video to Frances’s ‘Grow’ and seeks to raise awareness of domestic violence and let young women know they are not alone. The film utilises a fascinating production technique in both 2D and stop-frame animation, helmed by Creative Director Ralph Karam. The backgrounds and background characters were printed out and tracked past camera in cycles over a 10 day shoot at Le Cube's Buenos Aires studio while the main characters of Melanie, Refuge and Frances were animated 2D at both Not To Scale and Le Cube. Credits: Client: Refuge BBH Creative Team: Joe Seller and Lance Boreham BBH Creative Directors: Jack Smedley and George Hackforth-Jones BBH Executive Producers: Natalie Parish, George Hackforth-Jones Creative Consultant: Clay Kaytis BBH Producer: Sarah Finnigan-Walsh Music: Frances “Grow” Production Company: Not To Scale Director: Ralph Karam – Le Cube EP: Dan O’Rourke, Gustavo Karam, Juan Manuel Freire Producers: Francesca Di Muro, Mechi Serrano, Fernanda Soma Animation Director: Sergio Slepczuk Stop motion animation director: Pablo Kondratas Art director: Ralph Karam Backgrounds design: Franco Vecchi, Juan Barabani, Martin Lara, Vanina Sáez Character design: Franco Vecchi, Martin Vinograd, Matheus Muniz Layouts: Sergio Slepczuk 2D Animation: Maki Yoshikura, Geoff McDowall, Robert Milne, Stephen Vuillemin, Kehinde Omisore, Cintia Czeszczewik, Martin Lara, Sergio Slepczuk, Pablo Rago, Guadalupe Vyleta, Adriano Nízzoli Clean up: Julieta Culaciati, Juliana Gorgati, Julieta Soloaga, Yas Hanna, Eugenia Casal, Patricio Rey, Valentina Candia 3D Animation: Christian Rey Willis Construction chief: Marilina Martignone Constructors: Carolina Mena, Carolina Stefanini Stop motion animators: Pablo Kondratas, Gabino Calónico DoP: Juan Maglione Electrician: Geronimo Gassmann Post production: Sergio Pickelny
毕业季2014@江大 | 荒诞祭


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In light of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS, NPR, etc.) being completely cut out of the Trump Administration’s budget – I felt compelled to make this little vid. Donate – http://www.pbs.org/ Audio by Pablo Novillo
毕业季2014@中传 | IRON THRON


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We’ve done almost no research into this area, but human reproduction in space is going to be key to us living on Mars. See the full article here: http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/space-sex-is-serious-business/ CREDITS Design and Animation: Tom McCarten (www.tommccarten.com) Research and Narration: Maggie Koerth-Baker Writer and Producer: Christine Laskowski Sound Design and Music Editing: Redhorse Studio Art Director: Kate LaRue Production Support: Tony Chow, Lila Cherneff, Jorge Estrada Copy Editors: Colleen Barry, John Forsyth, Meghan Ashford-Grooms Senior science editor: Blythe Terrell Production Manager: Catherine Sankey Director of Video Development: Ryan Nantell Assistant Cel Animator: Luke Toth Produced for fivethirtyeight.com
毕业季2014@广美 | 彼岸



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William Boston lives in the desert and doesn't care for many things though he does have one friend, a scorpion named Chester. Written, Directed, Animated, and Narrated By Grant Kolton Sound Design By Ross Kolton Festivals: Monstra Festival of Animation, Lisbon (Best International Short Short Film/Silver Peanut Audience Award) Short, Sweet Film Festival (Best Animated Film) Los Angeles Short Film Festival (Best Screenplay) New York International Children’s Film Festival Anifilm, Trebon Czech Republic Melbourne International Animation Festival Australian International Animation Festival Animation Now! New Zealand British International animation Festival Crossroads Film Festival LA Indie Film Fest Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival Krok International Animation Festival Klik! Amsterdam Animanima International Animation Festival Carousel International du Film de Rimouski Milwuakee Film Festival
毕业季2014@吉林动画学院 | 游往星空的鱼


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Patricia Highsmith's haunting story of a day in a young girl's life when a kind stranger comes to town. 'A Mighty Nice Man' is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: https://vimeo.com/blog/post/staff-pick-premiere-a-mighty-nice-man




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