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每周故事汇 | weekly stories 59
每周故事汇 | weekly stories 59





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As mountain bikers it is our nature to explore and get lost in the woods in search of the next prime stretch of singletrack. Riding in Whitefish and the surrounding Flathead Forrest of Montana, there are opportunities abound for us to fulfill this inner desire. Whitefish Mountain is the hub of riding activity with purpose built park jumps and rugged natural, mountain lines linking together a lift-serve experience that rivals any park in the country. We spent many an afternoon testing the limits of our trail bikes there. Venturing outside of town limits and into the fringes of this sparsely populated state, miles of trails were revealed. The high ridge-lines of the Alpine Trail network provide distant views of glaciers and what felt like endless turns. Further west, strewn between the lakes region, we found untracked dirt veiled by seasons of pine needle decay. After a week exploring the region, we began to question ourselves and ponder relocation to this alcove of like-minded riders, world-class trails, and the plethora of local breweries was an additional draw. _
 yeticycles.com/feature/whitefish _
 Filmed by: Joey Schusler & Craig Grant Edited by: Craig Grant Cable Cam Tech: John Reynolds
 Sound Design: Keith White Music Composition: Ajay Bhattacharyya
 Riders: Shawn Neer & Jubal Davis _ #YetiCycles #ProvenHere #SB5
看短片 | Ahhhhh
看短片 | Ahhhhh

没有不爱玩儿玩具的孩子,即便我们长大了还是有一批人割舍不下对玩具的爱,比如说乐高,大多数款式适合5岁以上年龄群体,哈哈,而且不同年龄的朋友绝对可以玩儿出不同的效果。韩国团队studio shelter,就拿来了一大坨乐高玩具好好的玩儿了一把,我们来看看他们是咋玩儿的吧!(未满18岁请勿观看

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Starring Tre Perry & LaKeith Stanfield Director: David M. Helman Production Co.: Partizan Executive Producer: Claire Stubbs & Laura Jones Producer: Sam Green @ Rite Media Group Director of Photography: Trevor Wineman Production Designer: Andrew O'Connor Editor: Nick Rondeau @ Arcade Edit Choreographer: Rachel Trout Steadicam Op: Richard Volsky Wardrobe: Bex Crofton-Atkins VFX: Electric Theatre Collective Colorist: Kristopher Smale @ MPC Post Production Producer: Adam Parker @ Arcade Edit Special Thanks: Rite Media Group, ETC, MPC, James Drew, and Tanner Merrill Shot in Atlanta, Georgia. 2017 Polydor
看短片 | Entering the Mind through the Mouth
看短片 | Entering the Mind through the Mouth


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After visiting Jordan last year I interviewed a Syrian Refugee who fled across the border from Syria with her two children. I asked her young children to draw pictures of their journey. This animation takes inspiration from the children's drawings and uses the voice-over of their mother Faiza to tell their story. It hopefully also highlights the shocking numbers of displaced children along with the large numbers of Syrian people who simply just ‘disappear’ under the Assad Regime. Directed and Produced by Jack Newman Animation by Alex Chilvers Sound Design and production by Steven Dove
看短片 | Red 童话的另一种可能
看短片 | Red 童话的另一种可能



来自韩国HYUNJOO SONG的动画作品。

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The official music video I created for Moby and The Void Pacific Choir, 'Are You Lost In The World Like Me?' Created in After Effects, Manga Studio, and some good ol' fashioned ink on paper for good measure. Link to the video on Moby's official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mobymusic/videos/10154690698776108/ https://www.facebook.com/SteveCuttsArt/ www.stevecutts.com




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